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When you consider the significant investment necessary in time and money, is selling your own home really the best option?

Consider the Issues a Real Estate Professional handles for you....

Pricing your property to sell involves more than just comparing it with other houses that have recently sold. The uniqueness of each property and its own values are based on location, condition, financing, amenities and other marketing factors.

There is no exact price on any property, but there is a range in values that are influenced by other marketing considerations. Before you price your property, consider the value of having total market evaluation completed by a specialist in your area, such as Don Woods, REALTOR®, Broker-Associate - SeaLand Real Estate, Inc.

Can you favorably compete in advertising your property?

Advertising can be very expensive, especially if you continue daily for a sustained period of time. We know that most prospects do not buy the advertised homes about which they inquire. The majority, after seeing such properties, are interested in something else. The professional marketing approach used by our firm is based upon the motivations and needs of the prospect. Effectively marketing your property requires more than just writing the ad.

Are you chained to your home while trying to sell it?

Selling your home can be a time-consuming assignment. You are literally married to the property, waiting for the phone to ring or for someone to drive by and knock on your door. You have to stay close to the property or you may miss the one buyer you're seeking.

When you leave, even just to go to the store, you are temporarily out of business. And accepting unescorted strangers at all hours can play havoc with family life. Your real estate representative will show only by appointment and take full responsibility for the management of the property so that you can enjoy life and not have to be chained to the house until it sells.

How do you determine the qualifications of your prospects?

When prospects inquire about your property and you are tempted to enter into a purchase agreement, how can you protect yourself from non-productive involvements? Professional real estate counselors do a thorough job of qualifying the prospects to whom they show your property, and by protecting your interests in writing the agreement to purchase, and in obtaining the financing for the buyer.

Are you willing to admit all strangers who want to see your home?

Your FOR SALE BY OWNER sign is an open invitation to all types of people and it is difficult for you to question their motivations. To protect your loved ones, your property and your peace of mind, it is best to give the management of your property to a professional who can qualify the potential buyers and see that only those who should be inside your home ever gain access to it.

How do you control your prospects?

Buyers who shop FOR SALE BY OWNER are on their own and you have no control or influence over them after they leave your property. They drive around, see other homes and other properties, make their own judgements without your presence. We, as your trained representative, can perceive and point out values in your property and can answer the questions that a buyer must have answered about prices that other properties have sold for, and how your property compares to others in the community.

How do you solve prospects' problems?

Many buyers must sell or finance their present homes before they can buy another one. Your best buyer may well be someone who already owns a home, and whose decision to buy another property is premised on selling their present one. Through your representative, interim financing can usually be arranged or a guaranteed sales agreement executed on the existing property.

What can you do for the transferee?

In most urban markets in America today, the relocatee represents a factor in total housing sales each year. Studies show that relocatees seldom buy from FOR SALE BY OWNERS because they do not know the market, do not trust their own judgements, and may be referred by friends or relatives before leaving their hometown, or by their employers. These are the most motivated buyers, but they stay with the professionals who can assist them.

How many ways do you know to finance real estate?

Financing is very frequently the key to a successful housing transaction. Buyers without the right advice and information may not see their way clear to buy your particular property. There are many ways to finance real estate and your representative is trained to help your buyer to structure the right financing to meet his objective and yours. Once you've agreed to sell, there's the matter of clearing the title, obtaining the financing, arranging for insurance, working with lawyers and other agencies involved. You can avoid costly mistakes by relying on professionals who control and safeguard your housing investment.

Can you successfully negotiate your own transaction?

It is difficult to negotiate your own position, or to counsel with the buyer on all the things that have to be discussed for them to see the values you really have in your property. Don Woods is a trained and experenced negotiator prepared to counsel both yourself and the potential buyer, so the differences can be bridged and a transaction successfully consummated. Negotiating a Contract...

The Seller Listing Agreement: what's it all about?

A listing agreement is a binding legal contract that shouldn't be taken lightly. More...

Contract for Residential Sale and Purchase (SAMPLE)...

A recent survey of real estate agents by ActiveRain has confirmed that there are certain things a seller should avoid if they are trying to get their home sold for the best price in the least amount of time.

The results of this survey are no surprise to real estate agents, but sellers need to understand that eliminating as many hurdles as possible to the sale of your home will help you achieve your desired outcome.

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