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What Buyer services does Don Woods, REALTOR® provide you?

Help you identify and examine the most important features for your new home.
Identify areas that meet your needs.

Create a profiled search to help find your special home.

Preview homes that fit your requirements to eliminate unsuitable properties and maximize your home finding time. This includes For Sale By Owner (FSBO) and new construction developments.

Assist in narrowing your choices for your new home by providing comparable sales on your chosen properties, area demographics such as school system information, and any other data you will need to make an informed decision.

Assist you in structuring your offer and/or counter offer.

Coordinate with Sellers’ Agent, and Buyers’ Lender, Appraiser, Home Inspector, Surveyor, Hazard Insurer, and Title Company.

Accompany you to a smooth closing.

Coordinating any last minute details while you are settling in.

Lastly, your agents’ loyalty and trust not just during, but after the sale.

How much will our real estate services cost you?

Absolutely nothing 99% of the time.

What about the 1%?

If you contact a For Sale By Owner or an on-site builder representative without identifying that you are represented by your agent, and you wish to be represented, you may be obligated to pay a brokerage fee. To eliminate any confusion it is always best to work through us.

Is it true that a Seller or Builder or Listing Agent will discount the price of the home if you don't have an agent?

This is a common misconception. The Brokerage fee (or commission agreement) is a totally separate agreement, than the sales price of a home. The commission structure customarily doesn't change even if the sale price of the house is negotiated at a lower price. The listing office receives the same commission rate, just at a lower price.

Is it true that a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) home can be purchased for less if you don't have an agent?

This is also a common misconception. FSBOs usually are intent on getting the highest price possible without paying for real estate services, and may have the property priced unrealistically high. Furthermore, who will assist you in structuring your offer and/or counter offer, coordinate with Sellers, Buyers’ Lender, Appraiser, Home Inspector, Surveyor, Hazard Insurer, and Title/Closing Company, and accompany you to a smooth closing? To eliminate any costly mistakes, it is always best to work through us.

What is your risk when buying a home without an agent?

Development plans or assessments not generally known to the public. (Capital improvements - road improvements, wastewater, and water, etc.).

Tax assessments, Material defects, Building code violations, Rezoning plans (especially school systems).

Paying too much for your new home.Possibility of a seller misrepresenting their property.

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